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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  November 28, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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appeal to voters.
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spoke to voters on the first day. would say, that things will be extended for a few hours in some places. even extended until midnight. it is going quite smoothly. people are proudly asking them, as they are prepared in the elections, when most of them did not go, thinking it was not worth it. it was difficult for them to choose with countless candidates. one student told me this morning that she was researching the internet for days, the background of the parties and candidates, she finally made her
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choice. >> this is a very long process. there is no way of knowing, right now, even if the muslim pbrotherhood has the lead going into the second day of voting. >> it is a very long process. every election day will take two days now. altogether, we will have six rounds of elections in various provinces of egypt. the only generated result will be the final result of whose talk over the muslim brotherhood is the strongest party. this was my impression when i spoke to people in front of the polling station. there were also reports of a strong showing of women, a strong showing of questions, which might tip the balance a little bit. >> before we let you go, talk to me about security. behind you, we can see that things look rather calm. is that an accurate picture of the whole country? >> i think that altogether there
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were a few minor incidents. a few days ago, it was thought that this might be hectic or violent day. our security is quite smooth. in cairo there were a few incidents, but altogether it seems to be quite a peaceful day. >> all right. karim, reporting for us from cairo, thank you very much. the united nations says that the syrian regime is guilty again -- guilty of crimes against humanity, including torture and rape. accusations are that they have been committing the crimes since march. the government in damascus has reacted injury -- angrily to the decision from the arab league to impose sanctions on syria. the foreign minister called it a declaration of economic war. syrian state television broadcast images of what it says is a mass demonstration against foreign intervention in the
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country. pakistan continues to see that over a nato helicopter attack on the border that left 24 soldiers dead. the prime minister is saying that relations with the u.s. will no longer be business as usual. lawyers and other professional groups staged rallies in the country's largest city. protesters called on the government to permanently close nato supply routes to afghanistan in shut down u.s. bases in the country. nato says that they were acting in self-defense when they attacked the outpost on saturday. well, the plans for the withdrawal of international troops from afghanistan are becoming more concrete. germany has announced that its troops will hand over control of the region to diplomats by the end of the year and that the afghans will take over by 2012.
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we have more common now, on what the situation looks like right now. -- we have more, now, on what the situation looks like right now. >> the german government wants to see communication between the german government and radical militia. they want to help to create a stable situation in the country, even after the withdrawal of troops in a few years' time. >> this is not about negotiating with the taliban, but establishing a process of reconciliation in afghanistan. that process should be organized in such a way that a lasting political solution is found theory of -- is found. >> that is why afghans are increasingly overseeing their own security. soon they will be in control of the 36 provinces. afghans hope that germany will be able to provide assistance after assistance -- after the occupation ends. >> we are looking at getting
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assistance for long-term developing in investments so that we can stand on our own two feet in afghanistan. and >> the first german base will be closed in 2012. afghanistan's future will be on the agenda at a major international conference next week. >> all right, with you now, the musical chairs game of terms. talking about eurobonds, now we are talking about something new? >> the german finance minister has denied a newspaper report that it planned to issue a joint sovereign bonds with five other euro zone countries. the paper said that the proceeds for what they called each bonds would go to helping the heavily indebted members. six of the countries in the report have aaa credit ratings. >> the report in the daily paper said that the german government was the driving force behind the new plan.
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these bonds would have an interest rate between 2% and 2.5%. the paper said that they would be floated by the 6 euro zone countries with a aaa credit rating. germany, france, luxembourg, the netherlands, austria, and finland. reports said that this would be discussed at the next eu summit. when the finance ministers met, they said that they did not discuss a proposal for creating a leak bonds, like those mentioned in -- elite bonds, like those mentioned in the article. >> the mere thought of that sent stock market soaring on monday. >> the start to the week was surprising for many of the traders. the dax made up almost as much as it lost last week. the reason that these so-called the lead bonds would allow
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germany and france, may be the traders here, to put through their idea of how the reforms should look in the countries that are taking money from the rich countries. reports were denied, but still people want to believe in that kind of story for stabilizing the euro zone. a report denied, incidentally, that the international monetary fund would provide up to 6 billion euros to refinance italy in the next few months. >> let's have a closer look at closing market numbers. frankfurt, the dax closed up, almost 5% up, over 5% at 22.21. new york, the dow industrials are currently going over to% -- going up over 2%. despite the good newt -- good mood on the markets, the belgium
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and italy rates shot up at the bond auctions. belgium managed to raise 2 billion euros, but had to agree to a 5% return rate on 10 year bonds. compared to 3% one month ago. italy faced similar woes. they had to pay 7.2% for 12 year bonds. two percentage points higher than the last time. seen as critical in the long term for italy. in the latest world economic outlook for development, they say that growth in the euro zone will slow to 2% in 2012 and that central banks should cut interest rates and stepped-up purchases of government bonds to counter the slump. they say that instability is the main risk to the global economy. >> department stores in paris are crowded with christmas shoppers. to some, it might indicate that
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the german economy is doing well right now. this is not the case. the oecd says that the crisis now poses the greatest threat to the world economy. >> the situation in the euro area is rapidly deteriorating and the contagion is spreading. policy continues to be behind the curve. >> they say that investors have lost faith in the ability of politicians to fix the european economy. to restore the faith, they have recommended several measures. including strengthening the european financial stability facility, to keep the situation from spinning out of control. >> that is particularly related to contagion affecting sovereign bond market. >> euro zone finance ministers are set to meet in brussels tomorrow and will likely improve -- approved plans to strengthen the facility. >> a new survey indicates that all the gloom and doom on the world's financial markets will
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not keep germans from their christmas shopping this year. they say that 92% of germans plan to buy gifts this holiday season, spending an average of 240 euros, just a little less than last year. they predicted that the trade as a whole should be about the same as last year. more international news, back to brent. >> thank you very much. elections in the democratic republic of congo have been marred by violence. elsewhere, voters were angry about delays and they attacked officials and torched polling stations. observers say that the incumbent will most likely win the presidential race. he has been at the helm of the country for 10 years. his closest rival is the former prime minister. and remember " we were talking about two years ago?
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right now, the u.n. climate change conference in copenhagen. delegates are dealing, again, with a deadlocked on how to cut carbon dioxide emissions. >> 12 days of talks lie ahead. thousands of delegates are expected, including scientists and of representatives of non- governmental organizations. this is the latest of a long -- in a long line of climate summit. there is no new agreement on how to tackle climate change. greenhouse gases have reached record levels in the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise in many parts of the world. glaciers are melting. sea levels are rising. there are more extreme weather events. the 1997 kyoto protocol set targets to curb emissions, but it expired -- expires next year. the world's biggest polluters said that they will not maintain
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commitments. >> this is important. it is very important. i hope that we will meet the targets to be set up. i think that what happened. >> there will be new efforts to restrict the rise in global temperatures to preindustrial levels. there is little hope of a breakthrough unless the u.s. and china back the initiative. together, they produce about 40% of global initiatives. both have resisted binding action for years, saying it could threaten economic growth in jobs. >> controversial shipments of nuclear waste are now on the final leg of its journey to its final storage site. police guarded the road along the final kilometers of the shipments churning. earlier, demonstrators set up a peaceful sit-in. police removed them to carry away the trucks.
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the shipment was continually delayed by anti-nuclear protests. heavy storms have left hundreds of thousands of people in poland without electricity. supply lines were cut by falling trees and branches. the extreme weather was worst in the north, where dozens were damaged. emergency services say that at least five people were injured in the storm. the british filmmaker, kenneth russell, has died at the age of 84. his son said that he died peacefully in his sleep after having several strokes. route -- russell enjoyed being provocative. he made his name with "women in love." the film broke sexual taboos. he was nominated for best director oscar. his work was innovative and flamboyant, raising a lot of eyebrows. some countries ban his films, like the 1971 historical drama,
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"the devils," which is still not available on home video markets. stay with me. i will be back with our in-depth report. stay with us. >> stick around.
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>> welcome back, everyone. first, tunisia. now the egyptians are voting for a new parliament. it is not a simple process in egypt. over the next few days, people are voting in the next page of the people's assembly. it will be february before we know who won. that assembly bill have the task of drawing up a new constitution. we began coverage by taking a look at the events that made this historic election possible. >> on february 11, 2011, the square in cairo erupted in celebration. the 30 year era of posing the
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warwick was over. and a new dawn beckon for egypt. the military took control, promising a swift transition to democracy. protesters place their trust in the army, which largely held back during the revolution. a new military council was formed to run the country. with promises of forms, freedom, and elections, hopes were high in egypt. there was a downside. the tourism industry took a severe blow. young egyptians suffered the most as jobs disappeared. some of them were the same people that most ardently supported the revolution. march 23, a new law was introduced banning certain kinds of protests, reportedly to protect economic output. the military council unveiled a transitional constitution, promising elections by the end of the year, cementing the army's authority.
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april 29, egyptians again took to the streets. the military council threatened to crack down, keeping their word. the people demanded that receives it -- proceedings against the old regime be sped up. july 8, demonstrators set up camp once again and protesters gathered in cities across the country, saying that they would stay until reforms were in place. the military council reshuffle the cabinet in response to the protests. it was just new faces on old policies. riot police and soldiers violently retook the square. and august 3, the trial oppose the mubarak finally began in cairo. -- the trial of hosni mubarak finally began in cairo. on big screens, one of the key
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demands of the revolution is finally implemented. november 19, hundreds of thousands again took to the streets, demanding that the military council step down, making way for freedom and democracy in egypt. in the following days, more than 40 people were killed in clashes with security forces. november 28, nine months after he was ousted, the country's first free parliamentary elections finally began. participation was high, as many egyptians hoped that it would marking the beginning for egypt. >> many activists say that they are now in a second revolution. this time to curb the influence of the military. protests of the last few weeks led the council to make some concessions, including an interim government and bringing forward presidential elections into the middle of next year. the military council insisted the parliamentary elections would go forward as planned. that is what we are seeing right now. how do the egyptians feel? we went around the streets of
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the capital to find out. >> down with of the military is what they chanted as the elections approach. once again, downtown cairo was the focal point of pro-democracy demonstrations. once again, it was the seat of debate, as people questioned the value of elections based on a lot pushed through by the military council. a law that favor the old elite. >> the elections are already a failure. i am a student. most people that i know are not going to vote. >> i am not voting, either. >> i will vote, even if the wrong people get in. the main thing is that there is an election. it is the only way to put an end to the violence in egypt. >> the crackdown by security forces has galvanized
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protesters. the publisher has spurred -- published dissident writers for 20 years. the red spot on his chest is a symbol. should at me, but i will not remain silent. -- shoot at me, but i will not remain silent. >> many of my friends were shot. the egyptian people will get these murderers. not just the little guys, but the big ones as well. >> his publishing company is located just meters from the square. it has become a new meeting point for the protest movement. the delivery of medicine just arrived. they are preparing for the worst. many young people have become disillusioned. after the revolution, they founded the party is in became politically active. mohammed says that these new,
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young parties have met with success. he says that the election is more suited to larger parties and supporters of mubarak. >> the people involved in the revolution have not had enough time to work on their party programs. the revolution must continue. there must be a new electoral law. only then can elections be held, like most parties wished. the way that it has happened now, there is no chance of the election's going well. >> away from the square, many people just want security and a return to normality. and this restaurant owner says that his takings have plummeted since the protests began earlier this year. he wants the election to be over and the violence to stop. >> i have four restaurants.
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we used to be open 24 hours per day. 180 people work for me. now, the security situation is so bad, we have to close at midnight at the latest. >> many in the poor districts have no jobs, struggling to make ends meet. those with work on about 100 euros per month, average. abraham is a well-known figure in this part of town. he belongs to the muslim brotherhood. they were banned under the rule of hosni mubarak. officially reestablished after he was ousted. and he has worked in the area for years. that is just one reason behind the party's popularity. >> the muslim brotherhood is the only hope for our country. the other parties are from the old regime or who knows where.
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>> he makes a final plea for people to vote. he says that the parliamentary elections are the only way to a new democracy. he believes that the muslim brotherhood will sweep to victory. he also says that there is no reason to fear the organization. >> if people vote for us, they will see that we can solve the problems of this country. the parliament is only elected for four years. everyone is talking about democracy and equality. have we ever had a chance to show that we will keep our promises? never. >> the demonstrators on the square are not thinking that far ahead. no elections, read the placards. too many have been killed.
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regardless of the outcome, they say that they will stay here until the military council finally hands over power. >> the egyptian election, voting for change, that is the report today. thanks for watching. thanks for the company.
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